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Introduction to Allergy and Immunology Research Centre (AIRC)

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Allergy and Immunology Research Centre team, led by Dr Masita Arip

The history of the Allergy and Immunology Research Centre goes back to 1928 when IMR started a section that began the production of vaccine lymph for immunization against smallpox. In 1930, this section was named the Lymph Station. The Division of Serology was subsequently formed in 1946. In 1972, the name was changed to the Division of Serology and Immunology. In 2001, after the reorganisation of the IMR, the Division was renamed the Allergy and Immunology Research Centre (AIRC).

The centre consists of five units such as Allergy Unit, Autoimmune Unit, Primary Immunodeficiency Unit, Transplantation Immunology Unit and Immunogenetic Unit that conduct various research activities and provide specialized diagnostic services pertinent to immunology. Over the years, AIRC has been committed to providing excellent diagnostic services to all our clients from the Ministry of Health, private hospitals and laboratories from all over Malaysia.

AIRC pursues to emphasize on carrying out fundamental and applied research in Immunology. Research activities in AIRC focus on different areas of immunology such as allergy diseases, autoimmune diseases, transplantation immunology, primary immunodeficiency diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and infectious diseases (e.g. dengue and diphtheria) including vaccine development.

AIRC also continuously conducts various activities of the Malaysian Stem Cell Registry (MSCR), which is a computerized database listing volunteers who can donate their stem cells to aid patients requiring a matched unrelated donor for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.





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