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Objectives & Activities in AIRC

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Objectives of AIRC

The centre’s main objectives are:

  • To perform benchmarking biomedical and immunological research in relation to immunological and infectious diseases and vaccines.
  • To conduct highly specialized immunodiagnostic services.
  • To provide subject matter expert (SME) training related to immunology.
  • To provide clinical and technical consultancies related to immunology.


Activities in AIRC

1. Research

Research in AIRC encompasses a wide range of fundamental, translational, and clinical research related to allergy and immunology. We aim to deliver significant discoveries that promote excellence in allergy and immunology disciplines that cover research areas of:


2. Diagnostic services

  • Allergy tests and production of allergens.
  • Primary immunodeficiency tests.
  • Autoimmune tests for systemics or organ-specific autoimmune diseases.
  • Histocompatibility testing/ matching of blood stem cells and tissues for transplantation (organ transplantation, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation).
  • Evaluation & validation of immunodiagnostic tests.

3. Teaching & trainings

In addition to research and diagnostic activities, AIRC continues to play a role in teaching and offering training in the fields of allergy and immunology for postgraduate students of the Diploma Medical Microbiology (DMM) and Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomology (DAP&E) under the South East Asia Ministry of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Tropical Medical Diseases (TropMed), masters’ students, industrial training, clinical subspecialisation, post-basic students, as well as local/international visitors through various medium including lectures, courses, study visits and laboratory attachments.


4. Consultation services

  • Clinical consultation on laboratory investigations in allergy, autoimmune diseases, primary immunodeficiency, organ and stem cell transplantation.
  • Clinical consultation and allergy clinic services in NIH.
  • Teaching expertise Medical Laboratory Quality Management System MS ISO 15189, genetically modified organisms, national vaccine safety and national vaccine development.
  • Consultations for National Stem Cell Coordinating Centre in National Blood Bank.
  • National Quality Assurance Programme for Anti-nuclear antibody test (QAP-ANA). 


AIRC office staff with Head of Centre, Dr Masita Arip






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