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Introduction to Autoimmune Unit

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The Autoimmune Unit was officially established on 16th August 2010 and has now become the referral centre for autoimmune diagnostic services in Malaysia. The staff in Autoimmune Unit consists of a pathologist, medical officers, research officers, a science officer and medical laboratory technologists.

This Unit provides specialised laboratory testing to screen, diagnose and monitor treatment and disease progress of autoimmune diseases. It offers laboratory testing of autoimmune diseases for government hospitals, private hospitals and private laboratories in Malaysia.

Additionally, this laboratory serves as the organiser for the Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA) National Quality Assurance Programme for nearly 30 government hospital laboratories in Malaysia. This programme involves distribution of Quality Control (QC) samples, analyzing the findings and reporting of ANA tests. The generated report will be used for continual assessments and educational opportunities in the hospital laboratories.

The staff of the Autoimmune Unit has been actively involved in teaching both medical and health science students from local and overseas universities.



Researchers from the Autoimmune Unit are dedicated to the study of autoimmune diseases such as paraneoplastic neurological syndrome, anti-phospholipid syndrome, multiple sclerosis and coeliac disease. The research activities involved in this laboratory ranges from study of biomarkers to genetics of autoimmune diseases in the Malaysian population and its usefulness as a tool for diagnosis and monitoring of treatment response. 



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