Objectives of Cancer Research Centre (CaRC)

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The objectives of the CaRC are to: conduct research in cancers that are of local importance; improve assessment of prognosis of cancers by molecular characteristics analysis; provide better assessment of individual patient response to treatment; improve cure rate, quality of life and prevent occurrence of secondary malignancy; and study the aetiology and control of cancer through its surveillance, education, research and service activities.


Biomarkers for Diagnosis

Identification of new diagnostic markers , eg. colorectal cancer and leukemia

Cancer Prevention

  • Pre-symptomatic screening for patients at risk of developing colorectal cancer

Cancer Intervention

  • Screening for gene aberrations in Leukemia using molecular methods
  • Develop strategies for early detection and evaluation of diagnostic modalities for oral cancer

Natural Product Discovery

  • In vitro screening of microalgae extracts to identify new anti-proliferative/anti-viral compounds for nasopharyngeal carcinoma mechanism of action of potential compounds on cancer or viral genes
  • In vitro screening of natural active compound for anti- proliferative properties from Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Future Research

  • Cancer biology: To study the mechanisms involved in tumour progression and metastasis
  • Cancer intervention: Gene expression profiling for molecular classification / prognostication in acute leukaemia and breast cancer
  • Cancer immunology: To study the role of biomolecules involved in cancer immunology to gain a better understanding of cancer development and progression for better management