Client's Charter

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We Pledge to Provide Efficient and Quality Services For the Following


  • Publish and  present  research findings within twelve (12) months upon completion of the research project.


Specialised Diagnostic Services

  • To carry out and  despatch at least 80% of  test results within the time specified  each year.


Consultancy Services

  • Ensure that every request  for consultancy services deemed appropriate, is fulfilled.

Training Services

  • Ensure that courses organized  by the  Institute For Medical Research( IMR) as the Regional Centre for SEAMEO-TROPMED are conducted  every year.
  • Ensure that  a response is given to all applicants for attachment training within one month from the date of receipt of application.

Complaints Management

  • Ensure that a response will be given to all client complaints within  7  working days from the date of receipt of complaint.