Introduction to Environmental Health Research Centre (EHRC)

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              The EHRC is located at the biomedical museum
(which was constructed in 1928 and is today a heritage building)



The Centre has a vision of becoming the leader in Environmental Health Research and a mission of becoming center of excellence for Environmental Health Research at National and International level. The concept of Environmental Health Research Centre (EHRC) was initiated at the "First National Conference on Environmental Health Research” in 1994 at Genting Highland by Ministry of Science, Technology and Environmental Malaysia and Ministry of Health Malaysia. EHRC was established in September 1996 with re-designation of the Medical Ecology Division in Institute for Medical Research (IMR). The Centre was organized into three units in 2005 as Health Risk Assessment Unit, Occupational Health Unit and Research Management Unit.

The primary objective of the Centre is to conduct research, training and provide consultation with regards to environmental and occupational health. The environmental impact on human has been the main trust of research. It identifies and measures the influence of environmental factor on human diseases in community and their risk assessment. It involves the integration of evidence from exposure assessment, toxicology, parasitology, microbiology and virology.