Objectives of Herbal Medicine Research Centre (HMRC)

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  1. To conduct research in order to prove the effectiveness and safety of herbal products as well as T&CM treatment scientifically by following a standard system.
  2. To coordinate the research activities related to herbal medicine and T&CM treatment in Malaysia.
  3. To contribute in the discovery and authenticity of herbal medicine and T&CM treatment which has scientific information in Malaysia to ensure better commercial value in order to penetrate the overseas market.
  4. To collect various information on herbal medicine and T&CM treatment in Malaysia and overseas through research by preparing databases, monographs, compendium and also building-up electronic information web portal project for integrated medicine known as GlobinMed 'Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine'.
  5. To cooperate in giving professional service to Ministry of Health (MOH) and other agencies related to herbal medicine and T&CM.
  6. To conduct a diagnostic test specially for the determination of heavy metals and drug addiction as well as coordinating the Malaysian External Quality Assessment Programme (MEQAS) and also National Drug Quality Control Programme (NDQCP) for labs in MOH.