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Activities of Information Unit

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Envisioned during the 12th Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting in 2001, this web-portal project changed its name from the Commonwealth Information Hub on Traditional and Complementary Medicine (InfoHub) to the Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine (GlobinMed). This project is managed and spearheaded by the IMR for the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). It is a central electronic database at URL address www.globinmed.com that hosts validated and up-to-date information covering a comprehensive range of areas on Integrated Medicine from all over the world.

The vision is to be the most credible provider of evidence-based information on Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) towards the establishment of Integrated Medicine. GlobinMed strives to become the source of referral on T&CM to the world through smart partnerships, technology advancement and dedicated staff. GlobinMed consists of information on T&CM as illustrated below:


GlobinMed invites potential local and international providers for both information enrichment and technology enhancement in order to ascertain continuous updates on the T&CM information and dissemination of the information on the latest IT platform.



The main publication by HMRC is the “Compendium of Medicinal Plants Used in Malaysia”. This book contains information of 2,002 medicinal plants that are available in Malaysia with 500 coloured photographs.



Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacology

A preliminary survey on traditional medicine practices of indigenous groups of Peninsular Malaysia was jointly carried out with the T&CM Division of MOH, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli and MyIPO. Activities included were interviews with practitioners and locals, and also literature review.


Voucher Specimen Collection

This is a collection of live and dried plant specimens from field work for recording purposes. This also involves documentation of medicinal plant information which is an ongoing activity that involves every officer in HMRC. Officers are required to produce voucher specimens of the plant species studied. Voucher specimen supplies, equipments and assistance are available for researchers to prepare voucher specimens for the IMR collection.



Studies On Traditional And Complementary Medicine (T&Cm) Modalities

Studies on T&CM modalities in Malaysia on prevalence of use, distribution of use, characteristics of practices, choice of use, esteemed practitioners and related information:

  • Registered traditional medicine products' profiles;
  • Study on the midwifery practice of the traditional Malay practitioners;
  • QoL of patients with stroke receiving acupuncture and post-natal patients receiving Traditional Malay massage.





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