Activities of Bioassay Unit

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  • Screening of medicinal plants for anti malaria properties using schizont maturation assay and Plasmodium Lactate Dehydrogenasse Assay (pLDH assay). The in vivo efficacy screening are being carried out using the 4 Day Test. There are 404 plant extracts in the Plant Extract Database (for malaria screening).
  • Screening of medicinal plants for anti proliferative properties in vitro using the appropriate cell lines and its efficacy evaluation in animal model.
  • Screening for toxicity potential in vitro towards normal cells using MTT assays, Cytotoxic Detection Kit (CDK), and SRB method.
  • Carrying out research on medicinal plant products/herbal preparations for anti bacteria properties through in vitro biological screening using the standard Disc Diffusion Method and the MTT assay.

Seminar and workshops

Organising Malaysia India Bilateral Program: Workshop in Techniques in Immunomodulatory screening of Herbal drug. 25th to 30th July 2005.