Objectives of Infectious Disease Research Centre (IDRC)

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The IDRC's general objective is to prevent illness, disability and death caused by infectious diseases in collaboration with other relevant bodies in and outside Malaysia .

Its specific objectives are: to strengthen basic and applied research in all aspects of infectious diseases, which include biomedical, epidemiological, clinical and behavioral aspects. In addition to the provision of relevant laboratory tests to improve surveillance and participation in rapid response efforts during outbreaks, the Centre trains relevant personnel and provides consultancy services in the management of patients with infectious diseases.

The IDRC's scope of activities comprises of research, diagnostic services, laboratory surveillance, reference centre, training, quality assurance and consultancies, and national depository.

Laboratory support is provided in the evaluation of new diagnostic kits, antimicrobial agents and insecticides and the Centre is working with other relevant bodies to strengthen the information system for infectious diseases in Malaysia using the latest in information technology.

The main research thrusts of the IDRC are in vector borne diseases, zoonosis, community acquired infections, nosocomial infections and infections in the immuno-compromised, new and exotic infections, sexually transmitted diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV, and in the development and assessment of new and innovative technologies.