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Introduction to Electron Microscopy Unit

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Welcome to the Electron Microscopy (EM) Unit of Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the hub of bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, IMR is the centre for biomedical research in Malaysia. With its history of more than a century of research on tropical diseases, IMR now looks forward to the future of instrumentation concurrently with the development of research.

In view of the increasing needs of researcher in IMR and other R&D institute, the EM Unit now offers an outstanding array of nanostructural analysis equipment. The Unit is a major contributor to the IMR’s research output and plays a vital role in supporting the microscopy analysis and plays a wider community role through diagnostic and training in various biomedical fields.


  • Dec 1980
    The EM Unit was established in the Department of Parasitology.
  • March 1981
    The EM Unit received two electron microscopes i.e. the Hitachi SEM S430 and the Hitachi TEM H300.
  • 1997
    Due to insufficient funding and high repair costs, the two electron microscopes were not functional.
  • Jan 2001
    Under the New Government Policy, the application for the purchase of new electron microscopes was approved.
  • Jan 2002
    The arrival of two new electron microscopes i.e. the Philips FEI XL30 ESEM and the Philips FEI Tecnai G2.
  • Jan 2002
    The EM Unit was transferred to the care of the Medical Resource Research Centre.
  • Jan 2003
    Setting up and the commissioning of the new ultramicrotome Leica UCT.
  • July 2003
    The EM Unit received the HIROX Digital Microscope from The Prime Minister’s Department.




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