Objectives of Electron Microscopy Unit

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To be recognized by the scientific community as the leading electron microscope centre for biomedical research.


To promote and to conduct quality electron microscopy services towards excellence in research.


  • To provide specific diagnostic services in the field of electron microscopy.
  • To provide supportive electron microscopy services to compliment research activities in IMR.
  • To provide exposure and experience to officers and technical staff in the handling of high-end equipment as support source in their research.
  • To assist in the efforts to improve and to strengthen research activity abilities through the electron microscopy services with other R&D institutes which collaborate with IMR.


The EM Unit played major role in the diagnosis of several outbreaks which affect the nation and region.  From March to June 2003, the EM Unit provided supportive services to the Department of Virology in the diagnosis of SARS virus in Malaysia.  In April 2004, the EM Unit was also involved in the diagnosis of the outbreak I Cameron Highland, Malaysia, a collaborative effort with the Department on Virology.

Other than that, the Unit is also actively involved in research activities of Masters and PhD. Students of UKM, UM and other public universities as well as private institutions of higher learning.

The EM Unit also provides diagnostics services to major hospital in the country  such as the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (HKL).