Activities of Laboratory Animal Resource Unit

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The unit continues to breed and supply animals for research to researchers in the institute as well as those in the universities and other government agencies. Laboratory animals available in the facility:

  1. Mice-ICR mice, Balb/c CBA/ca
  2. Rat-Sprague-Dawley
  3. Hamster-Golden Syrian Hamster
  4. Guinea pig-Duncan Hartley
  5. Rabbit-New Zealand White

This unit also provides donor animals (blood) to certain unit in IMR for diagnostic and research purpose which are:

  1. Goose
  2. Sheep
  3. Turkey
  4. Non-human primate - Macacafascicularis

Technical support

The unit provides technical support such as taking blood, drug administration, anaesthesia etc


Atraining pertaining to the laboratory animals is continuously being given to the IMR staff, governmentagencies,universities and college students.This training is being conducted in the form of workshops,courses and individual attachments.


Advisory and consultancy service are available to the researchers and other laboratory animals users.

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