Objectives of Biomedical Museum

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It aims to be a central biomedical reference depository for IMR as well as Ministry of Health.

MRRC BioMuseumThe main gallery of the biomedical museum with a display of artifacts and photographs

The Biomedical Museum maintains two exhibition galleries which exhibits instruments used by past researchers such as an antique centrifuge, autoclaves and an educational model showing various habitats where different species of mosquitoes were found. In the historical section, the achievements, research write-ups along with the photographs of past researchers and their research activities are displayed from the year 1900 until 1929. Apart from these, preserved specimens of human organs are displayed in a special section. The photographs of past Directors of IMR since 1900 are also on exhibit for the added interest and information for the visitors.

The second gallery displays several posters showing current research findings and achievements of IMR since its beginnings in the 1900s. There are also displays of IMR souvenirs in celebration of the institute's 50, 75 and 100 years.

MRRC BioMuseum2The dry and wet specimen room with a display of snakes preserved in jars containing alcohol