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Rohani Md Yasin, Norni MZ, Azura Hussin, Salbiah Nawi, Suhailah MH, Zubaidah AW, Ganeswarie Raj, Norazita S, Ng PP, Keah KC, Muhhamad NA, Nurahan M, Jamilah SM, Adom Benjamin, Mohd. Azmi MS, Sabarina SZ, Alex F, Norazah A and Rina K (2011). Current trend of pneumococcal serotypes distribution and antibiotic susceptibility pattern in Malaysian hospitals. Vaccine 29(34): 5688-5693

Abstract :

From January 2008 to December 2009, 433 Streptococcus pneumoniae strains were examined to determine the serotype distribution and susceptibility to selected antibiotics. About 50% of them were invasive isolates. The strains were isolated from patients of all age groups and 33.55% were isolated from children below 5 years. The majority was isolated from blood (48.53%) and other sterile specimens (6.30%). Community acquired pneumonia (41.70%) is the most common diagnosis followed by sepsis (9.54%). Serotyping was done using Pneumotest Plus-Kit and antibiotic susceptibility pattern was determined by modified Kirby–Bauer disk diffusion method and measurement of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) using E-test strip. Ten most common serotypes were 19F (15.02%), 6B (10.62%), 19A (6.93%), 14 (6.70%), 1 (5.08%), 6A (5.08%), 23F (4.85%), 18C (3.93%), 3 (2.08%) and 5 (1.85%). Penicillin MIC ranged between ?0.012–4 _g/ml with MIC90 of 1 _g/ml. Penicillin resistant rate is 31.78%. The majority of penicillin less-susceptible strains belonged to serotype 19F followed by 19A and 6B. Based on the serotypes distribution 22 (44.00%), 28 (56.00%) and 39 (78.00%) of the invasive isolates from children ?2 years were belonged to serotypes included in the PCV7, PCV10 and PCV13, respectively.




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