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Yew Keong Choong, Su-Qin Sun, Qun Zhou, Zakiah Ismail, Badrul Amini Abdul Rashid and Jia-Xun Tao (2011). Determination of storage stability of the crude extracts of Ganoderma lucidum using FTIR and 2-D-IR spectroscopy. Vibrational Spectroscopy 57(1): 87-96

Abstract :

In this paper, the feasibility and advantage of employing FTIR spectroscopy and the corresponding second-derivative spectroscopy combined with 2D-IR spectroscopy for the analysis of water extracts of Ganoderma lucidum with different storage durations were investigated and demonstrated for the first time. In order to compare the second-derivative microscopic fingerprint spectra from the four periods of storage, the range from 1200 to 500 cm?1 has to be ignored due to the detection of starch in the samples and the standard as well. This is crucial because the main characteristic band of polysaccharide was assigned within this range. The addition of starch as outer constituent was considered spoilage of polysaccharide content investigation. In fact, polysaccharide content in G. lucidum plays a main role as anti-cancer properties. The ranges from 1480 to 1200 cm?1 and from 1700 to 1480 cm?1 were interpreted and directly compared. For the range (from 1800 to 400 cm?1), the 22 months sample was closest to the control, followed by 38 months, 13 months and 6 months product. The matching of the extract spectra with the control was not consistent and depended on which range of spectra had been chosen. Many factors can be considered which may have possibly affected inferences of the composition of the extract from different storage durations.




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