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AE Sima ,I Patimah, AR Sabariah, M Saidi, A Mohd. Yusoff (2012).The association of DNA damage level with early age at the occupational exposure in the mechanical workshops workers. Asian Journal of Biotechnology 4: 83-91

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Comet assay is a sensitive, simple and well validated tool for measuring DNA damaged level in single cell. The assay is based on embedding cells in a thin layer of low melting agarose, which is located on the microscopic slide. Comet assay is a method used as an assessment tool for early biological effect biomarker to the occupational exposure. This investigation evaluated the occupational exposure effects in the workers acting as an enhancement factor of ageing. In order to do this assessment 120 workers as exposed and 120 controls as non-exposed were considered. DNA damage was evaluated by measuring the extent of DNA migration in buccal cells. It was found that the mechanical workshop workers who were occupationally exposed to the genotoxic agents for different periods of time recorded significant increased in the levels of DNA damage as compared to the controls. The data were considered for assessment of their correlation with early ageing. The investigation indicated that the responses of DNA damage among the exposed people in the work places could be related to confounding factors such as life styles as well. Comet assay in the evaluation of DNA damage reflected the sensitivity of this method at moment of collecting samples.







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