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Ahmad Rohani, Ismail Zamree, Wan Najdah Wan Mohamad Ali, Azahari Abdul Hadi, Matusop Asmad, David Lubim, Zurainee Mohamed Nor and Lee Han Lim (2013). Nocturnal man biting habits of mosquito species in Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia. Advances in Entomology 1(2): 42-49

Abstract :

Knowledge of the composition and biting habits of mosquito associated with endemic areas is important in establishing sound vector control programmes and understanding the epidemiology of vector borne diseases. The biting activity cycle of several mosquito species in Serian, Sarawak was observed and described. Collections were carried out indoors and outdoors for 12 hours from 6.00 pm to 6.00 am using human landing catch techniques. A total of 7271 mosquitoes comprising 27 species belonging to sixgenera were collected. Mansonia bonneae (23.6%) was the predominant species caught in the study areas followed by Culex vishnui (22.3%), Culex pseudovishnui (19.6%) and Culex tritaenorhynchus (13.7%). A high rate of human biting activity by Ma. bonneae was detected during November but the activity was low during January.The biting activity of Ma.bonneae was found higher outdoor compared to indoorand peaked at 7.00 pm-8.00 pm. Cx.vishnui also exhibited similar biting activity peak while Anopheles letiferex-hibited biting activity peaked at 12.00 am-1.00 am. Cx.pseudovishnui showed biting patterns which were almost similar between indoor and outdoor activity and could be considered active throughout the 12 hour period.




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