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Diagnostic Services

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IMR Test List

Sample Delivery Address to IMR:

1) All specimen except SDC/BGRC send to :

Kaunter Unit Pengurusan Spesimen
Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan (IMR) Blok C3-1-6,
Institut Kesihatan Negara (NIH)
Jalan Setia Murni U13/52
40170 Setia Alam
Tel: 03-33628875 /8876

Emel: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2) SDC/BGRC samples send to :

Kaunter Seksyen Pengurusan Spesimen,
Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan (IMR),
50588 Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur

No tel: 03-26162725

Rejection Criteria at Unit Pengurusan Spesimen (UPS)


Biochemistry Unit, SDC

  1. IEM Request Form - version 6

Endocrine Unit, SDC

  1. Endocrine Request Form

Molecular Diagnostics Unit, SDC

  1.  Request Form for Molecular Diagnostics Services

  2. Rejection Criteria

Special Protein Unit, SDC

  1. Request Form For Special Protein Unit

Haematology Unit, CaRC

  1. aCGH Request & Consent Form
  2. Thalassaemia DNA Analysis Request Consent Form ( Bahasa Malaysia )
  3. Thalassaemia DNA Analysis Request Consent Form ( English )
  4. Lab Request - Cytogenetics
  5. Molecular Analysis for Leukaemia Request Form
  6. Chimerism Analysis Request Form
  7. Haemophilia B Request Form & Consent Form
  8. Haemato-Oncology Request Form


Stomatology Unit, CaRC 

  1. Stomatology Request Form (Med 135)
  2. Request Form for Paraffin Blocks & Slides
  3. Request Form for Microscopic Imaging
  4. Garis Panduan Pengurusan dan Penghantaran Spesimen ke Unit Stomatologi IMR


Allery Unit, AIRC

1. Allergy Unit Request Form


Autoimmune Unit, AIRC

  1. Autoimmune Request Form 


Primary Immunodeficiency Unit, AIRC

  1. PID Request Form 5.0


Transplantation Immunology Unit, AIRC

  1. AIRC_TI_Appendix 2 - Request Form for HLA Typing Test
  2. AIRC_TI_Appendix 3 - Request Form for HLA Typing Test (Disease Association)
  3. AIRC_TI_Appendix 4 - Request Form for HLA Crossmatch Test (Living Donor)
  4. AIRC_TI_Appendix 5 - Request Form for HLA Crossmatch Test (Deceased Donor)
  5. AIRC_TI_Appendix 6 - Request Form for HLA Antibody Test


Bacteriology Unit, IDRC

  1. Bacteriology Request Form 
  2. Leptospirosis Laboratory Request Form
  3. Brucellosis Laboratory Request Form
  4. Rickettsiosis Laboratory Request Form
  5. Tuberculosis Laboratory Request Form
  6. Mycology Request Form
  7. Bartonella Request Form


Virology Unit, IDRC

  1. Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) Case Investigation Form
  2. HIV NARL Form
  3. HIV PCR Paeds Form
  4. HIVDR (Drug Resistance Testing) Request Form
  5. Virology Test Request Form
  6. SARI Form

Parasitology Unit, IDRC

  1. Borang Permohonan Ujian Molekular Malaria
  2. Borang Daftar Kes Molekular Malaria
  3. Prosedur Permohonan Ujian Molekular Malaria




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